Sunday, November 8, 2009

its complicated because you make it one

so why do i stop being friendly to a guy who falls in for me and especially when i thought he is a frnd...well simply because its irritating, because from day one you made it clear that you dnt appreciate that....and also its suffocating, because you tend to start questioning all the good little deeds he did for you, that was not because he was being ure frnd but because he wanted you to like him...why am i writing this because i got to know through an electronic devise that a person i thought was a frnd has fallen in love with me and has written soo much abt me. and hence the biggest help i could provide him right now iz the fact of not being his frnd anymore because only that would make him move on from tomorrow wld probably be the last day i see him, and then my guy wld tell him that he needs to take a step back from my life, i know it would be harsh, but then that is also the cure because i cant stick around him anymore. no matter wt i say regarding the person with whom i'll spend the rest of my life with, the fact is, that it is beyond the kundli and brahmin crap and that is sense of being complete and happy. friendship is of course the first step to love but it is not the thing only. it requires many more things. few weeks back a close buddy of mine told me that i need to act differently wid my female pals and my male ones and i did not really understand it until now, and i stand corrected. if i spend a nice quality time wid someone its because of the company i enjoy and not that i like him like him. and nor my parents are soo blind that just because a person shares my caste i'll be married off to him because no matter what it is my decision and my parents are no hitler for crying out loud.i am not against love marriage or love in general,,,how can i? its one of the most beautiful things in the world to experience it but being in love with ure eyes closed is insane. i feel sorry for him but i am angry as well.he is no different than the guy for whom he was campaigning earlier.
so this is my vent of frustration...

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