Tuesday, March 30, 2010


sub conscious mind. we all have it. its like a treasure really. thats one place where u can dream and u have absolute control in it. u can slap people in it, kiss them, take them down...create ure own ddlj...its one place where dreamz actually come true. but then those eyes open and u realize shit danmed it was a dream...the slap the kiss was all fake...i was not a vampire....runnning with my edward.....
psychology teaches us that repressed desires take forms of dreams...and this sub baby is very interesting.
so last night i dreamt that im in little blue dress and lukin almost like dia mirza...standing in a balcony..and then there are footsteps. i turn and there he is....edward....now i know its plain silly...its nonsense....but that one minute i thanked my mind for weaving such a beautiful scene.
nut fun happens when you are wide awake and the mind plays a trick. you think that the door would open and bang on that someone special will come by...
love this aspect of the human mind