Wednesday, August 27, 2008

holding your hand

Holding your hand.
I crossed all the tides.
Do you remember all those
As I do.
Holding your hand.

My worries will be gone.
My smile is all that shone.
Holding your hand.

I was behind you.
My friend
My angle.
My hope
And my dreams.
Holding your hand.
Holding your hand.

You lost the grip.
And then I tripped.
I am lost. I cannot find you.

Tears are swimming in.
Please come so that they could
Remain in.
Come back
Come back…

You held back my hands,
Held it as strong
As you never had.
I was now not
Walking behind you.

I was taking my chance.
I am going to be strong.
Without holding your hand.

I will cross the tide.
Cause I know…
You will be right by my side
Holding my hand
Holding my hand