Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Seven steps

Seven steps.
It’s just seven steps.
We can do it.
‘cause its just
seven steps.

Seven years of separation.
And years of temptations.
We finally are here,
But why this fear?
Its just seven steps,
Between us.
Seven steps
To burry the past.
Seven steps.
Lets do it fast.

Why do you look tensed.
Even when there is no fence.
No boundation,
No obligations.
‘cause we are done
listening to the world.

‘cause its been seven years,
since we last met, my dear.
Our lives have changed
Many people have failed.
Here you are
And there I am .

Seven steps.
Its just seven steps.
We can do it.
‘cause its seven steps.

Now the space is gone
Its just you and me.
The shackles are gone,
Its just you and me.

Oh it was so easy
Seven steps are gone.
We did it

Sunday, July 27, 2008

a fairy tale

i wish i could fly,

without saying any good byes.

i wish i could love,

without being snubbed.

i wish i could be a princess,

and where all lovely dresses.

i wish i could be in a fairy tale.

where ,

a happy ending does'nt look frail.

i wish sometimes to be a movie star,

and throw my worries of the cart.

i wish to go to the moon.

and laugh at all the earthly fools.

i wish sometimes to be me.

which i have lost in some kind of hurry.

i wish i could be in a fairy tale.
happy endings does'nt look frail.


being a girl is not easy...trust me when i say this. earlier i never had to face the 'boy problem'. as i was either out wid my family or for that matters my best frnd in front of whoem no one could even sureley stare. but when i landed in this moronic unknown city, i had to learn one more trick to survive in this world. patience.

in these two years i learnt zillions of things about guys.

1) never get friendly with a guy from the word go. 'cause they will think that ladki phassi

2) never receive a guy's call late night. cause surely a bet would be involved.

3) there are 2 types of stares. one is like- oh ure so preety. and the second one is the most disgusting one as if there is something wrong wid ure wordrobe.

4) never ever take a pass of a guy lightly. if you dont stop it now it would increase a lot.

one of the most astonishing fact that a guy thinks is that they can easily get off by flirting with a girl. and that acts as an advantage actually. innitially i had to live with it as i thought and some girl frnds of mine advised me that i should not take any panga's. but i think there is a limit to every thing.

so now if a guy paases a comment i turn right back and stare the hell out of them. its apleasure to see them that wayz actually.

and if a certain decorum is crossed.... then something like this would happen

i was walking down the street at around 7:30 wid my hostle mate when a guy who happened to be from my institiute whistled. i turned right back but my friend told me to ignore and so i did. and as soon as i turned i heared a very disgusting remark made on me.

all hell broke loose. i charged to him, grabbed his colour and told him to appologise before i called up the director. there was a silence in the entire street as if a nuclear explosion has happened. he applogised though and said it wont happen again.......

some might say i acted dumb or may be that i was courageous enough to do it. but i felt gr8.....being a girl is not a crime but i feel one has to take a stand . not every time my dad or buddy will be there to take care of me.

just three weeks back i was taking part in a seminar. and my picture was takin by an unknown lad. i walked up to him and demanded for hiss cell phone to which he refused. i was like- ok you invited the trouble. after the seminar got over and while he was smirking as if he has done something great i told him to give his cell phone or i would call in the organisers. he thought i was just lieing. but then some seniors of mine came out to help me. there 2 pictures clicked and each of which was deleted. i was so happy.....well men are dogs but they are different in breeds....some are street some are poodles and some the great den.......

at the end of it all i would say.........its stupid to be quite so get up and take a stand....its the 21st century for christ sake.....

Friday, July 25, 2008

Love is a many splendid thing. Love lifts us up where we belong. All you need is love! ~ from the movie Moulin Rouge ~

Other men said they have seen angels, But I have seen thee And thou art enough. ~ by G. Moore ~

I would fly you to the moon and back if you'll be . . . if you'll be my baby. ~ From a song by Savage Garden ~

I love you - those three words have my life in them. ~ by Alexandrea to Nicholas III ~

What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. ~ by Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

I have been astonished that men could die martyrs for their religion - I have shudder'd at it. I shudder no more. I could be martyr'd for my religion Love is my religion And I could die for that. I could die for you. ~ by John Keats ~

I'd like to run away From you, But if you didn't come And find me ... I would die. ~ by Shirley Bassey ~

When you love someone, all your saved-up wishes start coming out. ~ by Elizabeth Bowen (1899-1973) ~

The greatest thing you'll ever learn Is to love and be loved in return. ~ From "Unforgettable with Love" by Natalie Cole

the lady in black

i am done.

i am done,crying for you.

i am done.

i am done, begging to you

now its time,

time for the old me.

its time for the lady in black,

to, comeback.

people were wishing for it too.

so now, the lady is back.

wearing a red dress.

and a trendy high heel.

i went to a discotheque.

to reinvent me.....

every eyes were on me.

as the lady is back.

the lady in black is back.

people were wishing for it too.

so now the lady is back.

now a sip of vodka, which goes down in my throat.

i see you with a blond.

and my heart takes a dip.

but i am done, sweety.

done crying for you.

and i come towards you, to say.

the lady in black is back,

people were wishing for it too.

so the lady is back

oh. she is back.

there's a new lad in the hell.
he tries to offer me a drink
i look at you and smile...

'but now...everything is gone,
why cant i see you in a torn.
it does'nt matter to you .does it?
i loved you soo much.
did you ever get it?'

but i am done,

crying for you.

i am done, waiting for you.

its time for the old me.

so i grab the lad's hand

and then.

every body screams...

the lady in black is back...

we were wishing for it too.

so the lady is back..

yes...she is back.

to rule our heart...

the blue dress

wearing a blue dress,
i waited in the street.
for you to come and take me away.
now the dark clouds have set in.
my mascara is running out.
i have been waiting since the dawn.
the stars are coming new.
but where are you?
now, the lilies ask me.
where is my prince,
that shrewd friend of mine
is giving me a wink.
but i know you'll come
'cause you told me you'll come.
you promised i was your Cinderella,
and you will be my umbrella.

i am all drenched,
but my hopes are ignited still,
whatever the world says,
I'll come again.
again, at the break of dawn.
like I've been coming since long.
wearing the same old
blue dress you gave me.
I'll come again,
again and again, every dawn.

my knight in shining armour

it was a beautiful night.
it was soo bright.
i had never been so awestruck
by a magnificent structure.
and there he was at a distance
my knight in shining armour.

all through the darkness,
i was playing with my eyes.
trying to avoid his
two pair of concavity.

oh, how i wished he could hold me.
oh, i wish he could just look at me.
after all he was a dream,
he was my knight in shining armour.

in a span of one, two, three,
he was coming closer to me.
my life had never been so adventurous,
what was cute, was that he was so

all through the darkness,
i was playing with my eyes'
trying to avoid his two pair
of concavity.

months went by,
many moons had gone by.
i had a fantasy, within me.
he had captured my
after all he was my knight,
in shinning armour.

he was perfect.
i mean, he still is.
but, happiness is short lived.
i always knew he had to drift.
he was going away to be with someone,
my eyes had moistened,
as i was not the one.

all through the darkness
i was playing with my eyes.
trying to avoid his two pair
of concavity.

he is gone, but he still lives.
he is a friend, even if i am stiffed.
its important to be happy,
as he once said like a four year old baby.

life makes you meet, wonderful people,
never let them go.
its a bad world,
where you dont find friends.
every now and then.
even if,
(i accepted)
he was not my knight in shinning armour...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

you left me...?

why should I cry,
why should I wait,
why should I f eel so lonely.
just because you left me?

I will not remain lonely.
I will party every time.
I'll smile wider every time.
why should i think of you?
because you left me?

I can carry on,
without you.
I can love the spring,
without you.
I can live without you.
but why did you leave me?

Its been a while now,
the seasons have changed twice.
I have someone else
to love me.
but i still don't know,
why am I still waiting for you?
why am I still in love with you?
why did you leave me?
just because you had to leave me?


this entry is because my sis is jonafied......
few months back i got a frantic call from her. and the only word i coud listen was 'jonas brothers'. i had absolutely no idea what she was talking about..in a week i got to know as i was locked up wid my computer and made to hear all their songs and youtube video. i got very irritated and left the room.
later that night i creep ed out to my lappy and heard the songs......i had been jonafied as well.....
i dont know why so many girls have become crazy about this rock band.....is it their personality or their songs.....i dont know...
but the fact that they have become a hysteria round the globe speaks volume of their success.
if you still dont know what i am talking about then fellas go and start surfin the net for their songs......cause they are so refreshing and young...hear especially 'when you look me in the eyes' (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZBoPlCzuRY)and 'please be mine'.....
the band comprises of joe nick and kevin jonas. all brothers, but it is joe who is the eye candy to my sis..........
being very critical about music, the jonas brothers have been like a welcome change actually......since all my other favourite rock bands are getting old.....i hate to admit it
check out r=their latest hit single burning up and trust me you'll bless me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z1kSdk7y1A

and i hope truly hope sis that one day you'll see their concert..

they are a rage and are here to stay for a looong time

why cant we care?

last tuesday was a historic day for indian politics. well the trust vote happened and congress won. of course they were many filmy twists like MP's taking out cash and declaring they were traded, or lalu yadav singing hindi film songs( that was so irritating...go to indian idol instead) and the cherry on the cake was rahul gandhi who after appraising mr. vajpai demanded that the BJP leaders should clap.........(how sarcastic one can get)
at the end mr singh was happy that his madam S was smiling all the way.......
but the bottom line is .......how many watched the whole drama or went ahead to see kismat konnection...
i was told by my mates that if i dare switch on the television and put on the news i will be slaughtered.......
my agaony was no bound for the simple fact.....why cant they care wts going on in the country..
saifu and bebu had a fight...so what will it impact the world?
or that some stupid reality show is coming where there is high pitched drama.....?
are we the 'youngistan' are shallow minded........?
well on pondering deeply for two days i have concluded that people give importance to those things which matters to them...like IPL, euro cup and the Tuesday saga was important to me, it mattered my digestion
in the same manner it was important to see what exactly happened at katrina's birthday party?
but still.......it should be pondered.....do we really care what is going on in our country even if it does not affect our lives......

lets tell the world

i always knew there was some one for me...
like i always knew that the sun smiles to me
i was waiting for you in the cloudy misty
rainy days of my life
and you came in my paradise
and you will remained with me
till eternity...ties...

c'mon...lets tell the world
lets tell from the rooftop
that we are together
now forever.....forever.....and ever and ever

in the green flushes of the city
with all kinds of beautiful lilies
we would stay
as the rain would pour down
i'll take you in my arms
i wont care what the other lasses might think
i wont look at granies
i'll just look at you
i'll just look into you
you know why
because i want to tell the world
lets tell from the rooftop
that we are together
now forever.....

i am crazy for you from the day i saw you
i waited till you could be with me
i dreamt day and night of you
and now here we are in this rude world
which never understood my love for you
thats why i say

c'mon...lets tell the world
lets tell from the rooftop
that we are together
now forever.....forever.....and ever and ever
from the rooftop
we are together
not just for now but forever and ever and ever and ever

for you

there you go...in the crowd...of strangers
there you go...wiping ure tears
dont go....my darling
dont.....leave me....leave me all alone..
i am waiting for you in my arms.
for you

remember the sunshine who woke us up together
or the flowers who were standing still
your eyes were smiling but you didnt say a word
i was waiting to hear that you were mine
now forever
dont go my darling dont leave me
,,,leave me all alone.
i am waiting for you in my arms.
for you

love ...u till eternity
i'll wait for you till you come back to me
when you will realize
that we were ment to be together
i would be gone
you would be near so turn back............

there you go in the crowd...of strangers
there you go...wiping ure tears...
on the street dont go....my darling
dont.....leave me....leave me all alone..
i am waiting for you in my arms.
for you come back i know
you want to
i'll be waiting for u till i die
i am waiting for u in my arms
for u